Author Topic: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?  (Read 2730 times)

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Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« on: April 10, 2012, 07:11:49 PM »
Was chilling by magic island Sunday and noticed had some guys catching sardines at the usual.  As I was leaving I noticed had one young kid on a kayak that was now there right on the pile with a fishing pole.  I smirked and thought, "ho this clown, risking it big just for some sardines haha."  The guys on the side weren't whipping and I could tell the pile was moving further out cuz obvi. this guy was chasing em away. 

1st question:  Is trying to fish a pile from a kayak while others are trying to fish it acceptable to do?

2nd question:  How much distance do you give shoreline fishermen while kayaking?

The second question comes from an incident where I had stopped to get out of the kayak to put a papio I had just caught in the back where the fish bag was at.  While I was out of the kayak I hear someone yelling from the beach.  I couldnt understand what the guy was trying to say so I motion with my hands trying to signal to the guy that I couldn't hear em.  Then the guy starts yelling louder and looking kind of mad.  Only when he pointed to his poles did i understand what he was trying to say. oops, teehee.  I couldnt have known as I must've been 150 yards off from the shore, no where near casting distance and hard to see his poles from that far.  Im thinking I should scan the shoreline better next time befoer I stop and give more space if I see somebody fishing.

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Re: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 08:30:44 PM »
Id be pretty disruptive to put your kayak right over the bait so they couldn't fish it without risking hitting you. If thats the only bait pile i'd drift a good ways opposite the shore casters and cast in. On a kayak you should be able to find other spots without pissing off the shore fishermen.

 I try to give them a pretty wide berth. Some of those slide bait lines go way far out and I'd hate to snag their lines or hook up where they're trying to fish. Sometimes its hard to see the poles on the shore so I try to avoid sticking close to shore in areas where people are frequently shore fishing. At least on the BI its not too hard to find a stretch of shore with no fishermen.

I do hate it when I'm heading to the landing site and someone is fishing right there though.  :-[

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Re: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2012, 09:05:11 PM »
I dont know about the sardine fishing but as long as you think you can handle the kids dad at the end then its all good I guess. It may depends whos bigger, tougher, stronger, willing to get arrested...

As far as shoreline fishermen, if his lines are in the water he was there first so I would take the time to scan the shore and see if you may possibly run into someones lines out there. At times you may launch and later, come in to find your landing spot blocked by a shoreline fishermens casted poles. I would just look for an alternative landing or maneuver around them. In the end its the same thing though, if he yells at you but you pound him out I guess you win. ::)

Everyone has their argument on who is right, but most times its whoever is craziest to hold down the spot that wins, I hope for everyones sakes that you all choose the path of least resistance and just give in besides they only have a shore we have a whole ocean to fish. Most times I meet a lot of cool shoreline fishermen and show them my catch and then offer up some fresh bait to them. Usually works and I get some help pushing up my kayak  :).

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Re: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2013, 01:04:38 PM »
Some of the worlds best surf casters can hit 190 yards or more depending on their rig. Not at all familiar with the rigs where you were, though.

We're all in fishing together. fighting amongst ourselves just makes it easier for the Anti's to win.
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Re: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2013, 02:14:30 PM »

CSCA Oct Casting tournament with special guest Peter Thain

these guys are all within 50 miles of me...they throw 600'+ with ease...thats 200+ yards !!

I actually went and watched a tournament they were having as was completely amazed at how far they could cast...we are not talking a 2 oz weight...we are talking 6 to 8 oz...unbelievable...

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Re: Kayaking where there are shoreline fishermen- What's proper?
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2013, 04:30:38 PM »
I shore fish and kayak.  When I see guys from shore hitting a spot I want to get to when I'm kayaking I give them a wide berth as well, no matter how good the bite.
It's just respect, its like when you're shore fishing and get spots 30, 40 yards down from you and some clowns set up 5 feet from where you stay.  Not courteous enough to ask if you mind, they just set up and fish where your lines at.  Kayak fishing is the same to me, I'll move down a long ways or just keep paddling to find more action somewhere else.  Not worth the hassle or ruining everybody's day just to fish that spot.  Just my opinion.

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