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Uniden Vhf
« on: August 13, 2014, 10:53:27 PM »
 The Uniden MHS235 Marine Handheld Radio has gps and 6 watt boost but the bummer thing is you have to have a registered vessel to get the number to use the distress button. once you plug in that number the radio is attached to that vessel. If you push the distress button it constantly sends your gps location to the CG. A nice thing to have if your off shore and take on watter. It would be hard to see the gps numbers on the screen and relay them to CG while your in the watter.

I like this radio a lot, I leave it on gps screen and it displays the time, speed in knots, and gps location. If you hook up you can save the location with one button. It has a SOS strobe light and NOAA channels, floating and submersible (a must i got a cheap 60$ radio and it lasted one outing, got wet and stuck on NOAA ch.).
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