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OPELU to help a
« on: June 23, 2015, 09:13:07 PM »
Hey! Howzit goin Makena guys? I'm finally able tbo
to load my kayak in my van, as well as launch it. My problem is LANDING it without error! BAD ERROR! I'm still and awkward from spine injury. What I need is someone to meet up with in the mornin, so I can
give u opelu. Like 6. Then meet me when u pau for the day. Meet just outside the surf. U land your kayak, swim out, n jump in mine n land it. I can prolly help at shore, bug prolly be more in the way. Let me know by 2 or so Wednesday if goin Thursday so I can get good opelu. 6 fresh opelu to swim out n land my kayak. I can load it in my van. Just need it landed! Mahalo!


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