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Coming to Hawaii on Jan 21, 2016!
« on: January 02, 2016, 02:49:00 PM »
Aloha to my friends on AH!

I'll be visiting Hawaii soon, both to visit my ohana and to fish like crazy. This is my schedule so far...

Oahu - Jan 21 to Feb 3

Hawaii - Feb 4 to Feb 10 (mainly in Kona)

Maui - Feb 11 to Feb 15 (mainly in Kahului)

If you have a spare kayak, I'd love to tag along with you for some bottom fishing. I'm interested in catching Papio, Moano, Weke types, Ta'ape, To'au, Roi, Hage, Awa'awa...etc. If you would like to meet up, please PM me :)

I will also spend time shorefishing. There are many species such as Nenue, Hawkfish species, Uhu species, Damselfish species...etc that I would love to catch. If you have a free day and want to go fishing, let me know :) I have a rental car and I can meet you anywhere.

Hope I can meet some of you!
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